7 Best SEO Plugins to Boost your Organic traffic Skyrocket way (Updated)

Best SEO Plugins

Having a WordPress Website, The most important thing is, a website must be an SEO friendly which allows us to optimize our Google Ranking. So, Best SEO Plugins must be needed to be a Google First Page.

To make it happen as an SEO Friendly Website, Exceptional Ad Agency has sorted out 7 Best SEO Plugins which are strongly recommended by SEO Professionals.

You can also optimize your WordPress Website by using highly recommended Best SEO tools that also help you driving immeasurable traffics

1)   Yoast SEO Plugin:-

When comes to the Best SEO Plugins, Yoast SEO plugin rules out supremely as all your SEO requirements you can get this Yoast Platform. With the highest rated among all WordPress Plugins, Yoast Plugin provide constantly super thorough user-friendly experience with timely updates and a mesmerizing interface which makes your blogs and product websites SEO friendly and optimize Google ranking. This plugin also comes up with also premium features,

Best SEO Plugins

What’s more, the Yoast SEO Plugin has its own informative site with premium support options, a prosperous community, an informative blog to know more about SEO strategies and its advantages. They also offer widely extensive courses for Beginners, intermediates, and Advanced SEO learners.

You can also access its premium services by login into Yoast Premium Dashboard which allows you to advanced Keyword Research Tools, previewing what your page will actually look like on Facebook, Twitter and other Advanced Social Platforms and internal link building suggestions.

What makes it one of the Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites?

  • See exactly how your Google Search Engine Result is going to look like, with this you can set SEO friendly title and Meta description to make your post more appealing and optimize your website.
  • Show your Keyword density and suggest you whether you have put appropriate Keyword or not.
  • This Plugin also suggests you whether you have sufficient Internal link or not.

Thus, Above all exclusive features make it more preferable plugin and has recommended by Most SEO Experts and Professionals.

2. Broken Link Checker

What if you found 404 pages or no found any page when you click. In this case, your Google rankings make a big difference in terms of SEO Base. So, to fix up this issue, broken link checker proves as a troubleshooter. Moreover, In Today’s Competitive era, it is not only enough to make SEO friendly content, but Broken Link also has to be taken into account and resolved it timely.

Henceforth, Why Broken Link Checker comes into Best SEO Plugins list as this WordPress Plugin is greatly helpful to increase your Google Ranking by scanning your WordPress website and fix it timely.

In this Plugin, All Broken links are revealed within few minutes and the list is popped up in this Plugin’s Inbox.so, you can go there and remove them completely.

Best SEO Plugins

After resolving this problem, Google will see that your website works very and more likely rank your page higher.

What a makes it one of the Best SEO Plugins?

  • This WordPress SEO Plugin has an option for identifying and resolving broken link.
  • It is not only useful for finding a broken link but this Plugin also keeps a constant eye on custom fields, Comments and more.
  • Missing images and redirects are detected automatically.
  • If anything that might confuse your readers or clients, This Plugin automatically addresses you to fix up it.
  • If you make your website less favourable in terms of SEO or Google Algorithm Search Engine, This SEO tool will tell you where you need to improve.

3. The SEO Framework

Having lightweight SEO features, you cannot just make your content SEO friendly but Your WordPress site could be got higher ranked on Google Top Ten Results if you add this Stunning Plugin to your site. That’s why The SEO Framework Plugin is the greatest alternative option for the Yoast Plugin.

This Plugin is specially designed for those who get confused with Complex SEO strategies as The SEO Framework fix up SEO related problem automatically by addressing any serious SEO issues.

This SEO Plugin comes up with stunning visual SEO rating which shows you whether your content is ready to post on Google Search Engine result.

Best SEO Plugins

What makes it one of the best SEO Plugins?

  • It gives you user-friendly interface even Non- SEO users can use it
  • It can prevent your website from spamming links.
  • It offers Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) interaction option to speed up your mobile version website.
  • It is a great tool to point out you how to improve SEO with a beautiful bar.
  • It immensely helps your pages get shared more effectively on various Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other advanced platforms.

4. All in one SEO Pack

All in one SEO Pack Plugin is one of the closest rivals of Yoast SEO Plugin; it is a perfectly viable option for those who are completely new in SEO field that works out of the box for them. On the other hand, it has also advanced features for SEO Professionals like XML Sitemaps, AMP features.

Moreover, it also comes up with tremendous premium support along with a 24×7 round the clock support.

Primary all in one SEO Plugin is free, but you have to pay around $49 dollars if you want to activate its premium services. However, initially, all bloggers and beginners can start with the at least free plugin to enrich primary SEO skills.

Best SEO Plugins

What makes it most desirable and one of the Best SEO Plugins?

  • All Meta tags are generated automatically and you can also modify yourself.
  • The advanced Woo Commerce option is facilitated if you are running your online store.
  • XML sitemap support is given to submit your sitemap to Google and Bing.
  • Google Analytics and Google Keyword Planner are important tools which are automatically tied up with this Plugin.
  • Google AMP Support is added advantage for the advanced developer.
  • All in all that’s why this Plugin is called as All in One SEO Pack.
  • Only this Plugin comes up with 57 different languages.
  • The features are pretty much same as Yoast SEO, You can go with this SEO Plugin.
  • The Yoast SEO seems more viable if you have one site or blogging business, but if you have multi-organization, All in One SEO Pack could be the best option for you.

5. All in One Schema Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets are visual elements of total Ratings, no. of total visitors and total sharing of your overall content that can definitely catch anyone attention by having something different than the regular search results. Rich Snippets is mostly used for e-commerce business and blogs to show credibility by giving reviews and ratings on the Google Search Engine result.

Owing to such great Plugin, more and more users are likely to visit your pages as this awesome Plugin gives you incredible visual ratings and reviews of your niche market.

Best SEO Plugins

What makes it so desirable and one of the Best SEO Plugins for your WordPress website?

  • This Plugin provides you complete visual structure, Google search Engine likes to show such structure.so, more and more traffic would be generated.
  • Your search results become easier in terms of SEO base.
  • It gives only important and precise information to their users.
  • Your Click through Rate could be improved as such ratings and reviews give more reliability.
  • It helps your rank higher in search results.

6.  SEO Squirrly

Squirrly is one of the greatest tools for Non-SEO Expert as it gives excellent SEO experience by offering better content, ranking and Analytics to those users who are completely unaware of SEO tools and tactics.

“According to SEO expert-Neil Patel, Squirrly is more than an SEO tool- it is a complete content marketing suite.”

Moreover, it is also highly recommended by Brian Dean and over 100 Content marketing experts.

One major thing behind such a tremendous recommendation by experts is that it works like a pro that means as you start writing any content, you feel like one SEO expert sit beside you to help in optimizing your website ranking as you continue writing any niche content, series of green lights is popped up to indicate you that your content is ready to publish on Google Search results. So, it works like SEO friend.

Best SEO Plugins

What makes it one of the Best SEO Plugins for our WordPress Websites?

•    The keywords optimization is automatically done as you are writing the article. This Plugin is a little easier than Yoast Plugin.

•    As per based on your keyword its manual interface will light up green while you are writing something so that you know you have done something right.

•    This Plugin has an exceptional content Audit tool which offers a weekly report on SEO ranking as well as compares past SEO performance.

•    It caters very useful keyword planner tool that is more advanced than Google Keyword Planner.

Above all features make this Plugin complete an SEO Pack for Non-SEO users. It also offers advanced tools for SEO experts like XML sitemap and other tools. Apart from this, our Advanced link Building techniques will certainly be helpful to get your site out from a cluttered crowd.

   7.  Rel NoFollow Checkbox

SEO doesn’t mean only about creating Good Content with appropriate keywords as well as optimizing your page, however, it is very crucial to have quality back-links on your websites. So, Rel NoFollow Checkbox is undoubtedly one of the Best SEO Plugins to check whether your back-links is worthy or useless which is more essential to rank your page higher.

Sometimes, it happens that we are completely unaware of links that are going to be incorporated, are useless to optimize our ranking authority. Even, such links are rather helpful, it degrades our ranking. Thus, Rel NoFollow Checkbox Plugin will have to be inserted into our WordPress Websites.

Best SEO Plugins

What makes it most desirable and one of the Best SEO Plugins?

  • It makes the process much easier for Non- technical developer.
  • It keeps your website speed as it is as it is a very lightweight Plugin.
  • It is perfect solutions for those who want to start affiliate marketing through various Global online stores.
  • You can instantly check guest post, or articles written by your writers, to ensure that without your permission, they are not trying to make any certain article to build links that are not qualitative.

In a nutshell, above informative article is indeed fruitful to make your website SEO friendly to optimize Google rankings. You can also commit below if you have any query or question, I am glad to give you a profound answer.


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